Stay Motivated When Working From Home
It is easy to find and justify reasons why people choose to work at home rather than going into an office-based job. What’s not easy is the process behind the productivity after ‘The Choice’ has been made.Some may say work-from-home people are slackers and not driven. Are you one of those people? or are you becoming one? Well, we have ways to avoid slacking on the job.

Increase your work productivity at home by doing trying out these tips:

1. Set up an office desk or a home office (room)
Having a home office will definitely make you feel more comfortable. Especially when you place it in the most quiet room you have in the house. But what if you don’t have that kind of space? Well then just set up an office desk where you can place your computer/laptop and everything you need for work an arm away.

It’s a must to design a spot at home dedicated only for work. A comfortable space where you’ll get inspired to just sit down, accept business calls, ponder and do your job. Just always remember to keep your area neat and organize. You can also put minimal aesthetics, plants of flowers around your spot. It’s proven to be encouraging and motivating into getting into work mode.

2. Create a checklist Mood board, notepads and planners works. It really does! Working from home makes it hard to focus on a task. It’s better to time yourself. Set an alarm based on the tasks you need to accomplish. Do not forget to take a break to eat, ponder, quick quality time and do your chores.

It’s never wrong to plan ahead. It’s never wrong to set time for your activities. It is called time management – using your time wisely. Take note: Time is gold.

3. Connection keeps you moving forward
Working at home also has its downfall – slow, broken or no signal. You have to make sure that you pay your internet bill on time, because without the internet you cannot do anything.

Your mobile, tablet, laptop and computer needs it, right? So make sure it’s working properly. Connection adds efficiency to be able to work quickly.

4. Exercise or do Yoga Studies have shown that physical activity enhances brain function. Try to wake up early and work out before doing anything else. Working out, besides eating proper breakfast in the morning will give you energy that can last the whole day.

Exercise makes you optimistic and motivated. Doing Yoga on the other hand, makes your brain and your body function better. Yoga gives you a positive mindset and relaxes your mind that can make you focus on your agenda.

There are other ways to get hyped to work at home, but we summed up 4 of the most ideal and effective tips we can give you. Don’t worry, it’s proven and tested.

We didn’t point out the obvious anymore, like eating and sleeping right. We all know it well. With that being said, we’ll leave you with this; the healthier you are, the more productive you’ll be. And the more productive you are with your work, the more time you’ll have to spend however you like.

How about you? What do you do to get motivated and ready for work?

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