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There are so many options available such as PPC, paid social, in-app ads, display advertising, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed and intimidated by online advertising. We can help you understand and choose the right advertising just like how we helped many businesses grow.
Obviously, you’ve heard of SEM or Search Engine Marketing. It is one of the top internet advertising methods.This type of advertisement benefits your business very well as they enable you to improve your website’s positioning through a paid advertising campaign. Through SEM you can advertise your content through Google’s advertising service. It will make the customers find you easily because your advertisements will be displayed as one of the relevant search results.

This method also works by pay per click (PPC). PPC means you’ll only pay for every click made on the advertisement. It is customizable and you can choose the maximum amount of clicks you want to pay per word.

Do not underestimate the power of social media. It can reach thousands of customers and interested consumers.

Social networks now offer personalized advertisements where you can input your target market. Advertising on social media can boost your online presence and maximize your market.

Banners were the first advertising method to appear on the internet.

In this method, your advertisement will be placed in different formats, sizes and designs in a web page. Once a user clicks on your ad, they will be redirected to your website.

We’re aware that most of the internet users hate pop-ups and just close it right away. But somehow it is still an effective advertising method. How? It’s all about the content.

You just have to make sure that it’s interesting and will make people want to know more about your business, services and products

When we say advertising on blogs, we don’t mean the banners or widget ads. We meant storytelling and branded content. Create an ad that tells a lot about your services or products.

This method is more of a collaborative advertising. A paid collaboration with bloggers that has a lot of followers and good website traffic. You may also offer them free service or product, in exchange for a review or feedback.

This form of advertising has always been effective. In fact, it has dominated the internet in a non-annoying way.

E-mail marketing is a tolerable form of advertising, and we think you should definitely consider it as part of your digital marketing strategy.

There are other types of advertising, but these are the ones we know your business can benefit on very well.

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