Steps for Moving Forward after Being Fired

Getting fired from your job is the worse. It can take a toll on your life because it will question your worth, talent, and how you will get back on your feet to job hunting. 

In this article, we will be giving you steps on how to move forward after being fired.



Whether the reason why you’re fired is justified or not, let go of all negativity, anger, and shame over what had happened. It’s fair to give yourself time to grieve the loss and reconnect to yourself again.

During this stage, you can take a lot of self-reassessment of what you could’ve done better or what you should’ve done differently regarding your work or your interaction with your colleagues that you can use in your next career.

Give yourself enough time to take it all in and process everything. Just remember that you can’t stay grieving for a long time. You still need to get up and face reality again. 


Take action

Whatever your subsequent actions will be, do not inflame the situation between you and your former company. No matter how tempting it is to backfire from your previous job, do not drag them into a challenge or problem wherein your former company’s reputation will be at stake. 

You can also sort your financial compensation, severance pay, and untaken sick or holiday leaves that they owe you before you close the chapter of your life. 

You can also use this time to build your company database and update your resume and/or portfolio, which is essential to land on your next company. 


Don’t bring negativity in your job search.

Always keep in mind that first impressions last. No matter how good you are, if you show defensiveness or bitterness towards the interviewer, they will have a different image, like you don’t take responsibility for your actions or shortcomings or haven’t learned anything from your old employer.

During your interview, keep your answers short and direct. The longer your explanation is, the higher chances that the interviewers will ask you more questions. 


Say thank you to your past employers.

By closing a new chapter in your life, you should end the last chapter. And that includes ending your work relationship not just with your colleagues but with your former boss as well. This might be a hard pill to swallow. Still, sending them a thank you message for the opportunity to work in the organization and offering assistance whenever she may be needing help in the future is a great way to show gratitude and respect. 


Stay positive.

Losing or getting fired from a job is not the end of the world. Dwelling on it won’t help you be any better. Always remember to have a solid and healthy mental state and keep moving forward toward your new beginnings.

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