Email Marketing Strate
We’ve gathered up tips to help you create an effective email campaign.

● Bold Typography

Bold typeface plays a huge role in copywriting. It easily shows the important details in your email’s content.

● Consider the Dark Mode

Almost every social network platform now has a “dark mode” version of their user interface. If you’re into infographic email marketing, you must create another version of that to adjust to the “dark mode”.

● Express The Importance With An Emotional Design

You can deliver the right emotions by putting together the proper elements. Always try to use the right colors, fonts and images in composing your email. This is the most important thing you have to remember: deliver emotions, not just paragraphs — make it make sense.

● Experiment with Texture, Collage, 3D and/or GIFs

Try something new and exciting. Make your email campaign more interesting by adding textured images, collages and other appropriate yet cool images.

Next time you create an email campaign, try applying these tips and see how much of an impact it gives your brand. Need more tips? Reach out to us! Just send an email to

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